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Lakonia » Diros and the caves

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The beach at Diros in Mani
Diros Caves Mani Peloponnese
Diros Caves Mani Laconia Peloponnese

Driving south from Areopoli, it is 8 Km to the village of Pirgos Dirou, where the road forks off to the underground caves (second and third picture).

The caves are 4Km further on from the main village, set beside the sea and a small beach (first picture).

Glifada Caves are well-lit and crammed with stalactites where reflections are remarkable. Alepotrypa Caves are huge chambers in which excavations have unearthed evidence of prehistoric occupation.

The caves are among the most important natural sites in Greece and with great archaeological significance.

Cave details
Glifada: Its temperature ranges from 16°C to 20°C. The water temperature is around 12°C. Passages of about 5000m have been explored while its total extent is 33,400sq.m. The existence of the cave has been known since 1900, and in 1949 it was explored by I. Petrochilos. It is regarded as one of the most beauti- ful lake caves in the world. In its interior fossil animals have been discovered that existed 2 million years ago.

Alepotripa: It is situated 200m east of Glyphada and was discov- ered in 1958. It was explored by Mr. and Mrs. Petrochilos. The finds provide evidence of life in the cave 6,000 years ago many of which are exhibited in the "Stone Age Museum" of Diros situated at the entrance of the cave. The extent of the cave is 6,500sq.m., 600sq.m. of which consist of land and the rest is covered by the water of an under- ground river. The average tempera- ture of the cave is 19°C and of the water 18°C.

Kataphigi: It is located 500m. on the left side of the road that leads to the former two caves. It has an area of 2,700sq.m. whereas the length of its passages is 700m.