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Lakonia » See and do

  • Monemvassia
  • Monemvassia
  • Gythio Town
  • Elafonissos Island
  • Diros Caves
  • Vathia
Lakonia activities

Visit is a must

Tour of Mani
Mani stretches from Gythio to Cape Tainaro the mythical entrance to the underworld. It is a wild landscape and maybe nowhere in Greece does a region seem so close to its medieval past. It is a distinct place with ledgends and traditions, nothing similar all over the world. You will respect it, you will love it.

Mistras, the Byzantine city-state
Mystras occupies a steep foothill on the northern slopes of Mt. Taygetos, 5Km NW of Sparti. The castle on the top of the hill was founded in 1249 by the Frankish leader William II de Villeharduin. The whole of Mystras is an open-air museum. A reminder of glorious era of power and culture.

The Castle of Monemvasia
Monemvasia occupies a steep, rocky islet connected to the Laconian coast by a bridge. The settlement was founded in the 6th century A.D. by the inhabitants of Laconia. A second settlement was later founded on a lower level, and gradually developed into a town of significant strategic importance. After a short domination of the Popes, the area was captured by the Venetians in 1464. In 1540 it was occupied by the Turks and its decline became more evident. In 1690 it was given over to the Venetians and in 1715 was recaptured by the Turks. It was the first among the fortified towns of the Peloponnese to be liberated by the Greeks in 1821.

Diros Caves
The caves are among the most important natural sites in Greece and with great archaeological significance.

Castle Towns

  • Mistras - the Byzantine city state
  • The Castle of Monemvasia

    Churches and Monasteries

  • The Monastery of the forty Martyrs
  • The Monastery of Kataphygiotissa
  • The Monastery of Gola
  • The Monastery at Vrontamas (the sacrifice of the 500 men in 1825)
  • The Church of Taxiarxhes in Areopolis
  • The Church of Panagia (Virgin Mary) Tsipiotissa
  • The churches in Mystras
  • The Monastery of Faneromeni

    Castle and Towers

  • The castles in Mystras
  • Mavromihalis Tower in Areopolis
  • Kapetanakis Tower in Areopolis
  • Petrobeis Mavromihalis Tower in Limeni


  • The archaeological museum at Sparti Tel: +30 27310 28575
  • The Byzantine museum at Mystras Tel: +30 27310 83377
  • The museum at Tzannetakis Tower at Gythio
  • Neolithic museums at Diros Tel: +30 27330 52233, 23315
  • Museum og Olive and Greek Olive Oil Tel: +30 27310 89315
  • The archaeological collection of Monemvassia Tel: +30 27320 61403
  • The Koumantarios Art Gallery in Sparti Tel: +30 27310 81557
  • Mani's Historical Museum Tel: +30 27330 22676
  • Botanic and Geological Museum of Taigetos Tel: +30 27310 81866
  • Museum of Natural History Tel: +30 27310 57748, 57850

    Archaeological Sites

  • Archaeological site of Pellana
  • Archaeological site of Menelaion at Sparti
  • The Sanctuary of Artemis Orthia
  • Acropolis of Sparti
  • Amyklaion and Sanctury of Apollo Amylkaios
  • The Vapheio Tholos (bee-hive) tomb


  • Hike to the top of Mount Taygetos (Prophetes Ilias 2404 metres)
  • Ascent to the top of Mount Parnonas (1935 metrs altitude)
  • Rock climbing area of Lagada, Mountain Taigetos

    Recreation Activities

  • Hiking
  • Climbing
  • Mountain Biking
  • Mountaineering
    - Info: Sparti Mountaineering Association Tel: +30 27310 22574


  • Caves of Diros Tel: +30 27330 52222
  • Albanos
  • Captain Zaharias Cave
  • Agios Andreas Cave
  • Cave Chasm at Chavalas
  • Cave of the Cyclops-Papas-Brendi-Pausania
  • Cave of Eggs