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ANDROS - Beautiful beaches

Andros Cyclades Greece

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Andros, the northern most island of Cyclades, second largest island after Naxos, resembles a mountain top with lush vegetation and volumes of water. Water gushes from marble drinking fountains and mossy springs in the hill villages. Verdant with flowers and forests in the south, with fields criss crossed of dry stone walls,-xerolithies- create a scenery of natural contrasts.

Stenies in Andros With population to be distinctly hospitable, relatively empty beaches, peaceful countryside, pure white as well as red tile roof houses and admirable mansions, quite settlements as well as cosmopolitan centres, Andros is a choice for holidays.

Architecture in Andros island doesn't follow the strict rules of the traditional Cycladic patterns. Typical Aegean-type houses co-exist with neoclassical buildings, Venetian tower-houses and stone-houses. Common types of houses found in Andros are "makrynari", various types of towers and tower-houses, farm-houses and typical mansions of navy captains and merchants.

Other interesting buildings with special elements are "konakia", small farm houses, springs with characteristic "bousounari" or with a roof, water-mills and pigeon-houses (peristeriones). Characteristic elements of andriotic architecture are the visible slate stonework, "sardeloma" (outer plaster), "kanalos" (gutter), "stimata" (vertical slates) in stone-walls, etc. Many stone bridges are intact in various places of the island. Made of schist, simple and in harmony with the landscape, served as part of the old transport network.

  • Getting There

    Andros can be reached from Rafina and Lavrio ports. It is also connected with Tinos, Mykonos, Syros, Andros, Paros.

  • Getting Around

    There is a regular bus service. Cars, bikes and bicycles are available for hire.
    Taxis are also available.

Andros Beaches

Achla, nice beach
Agios Petros beautiful long sandy beaches
Batsi, long and beautiful sandy beach
Hrysi Ammos (Golden beach), wonderful sandy beach
Fellos, , nice long sandy beach
Kypri, excellent sand
Vlihada, beautiful sand

Touring Andros

Andros or Hora
Agia Thalassini in Andros Island Greece the island's capital is an attractive town. The town is built on a high headland promontory that juts out into and divides up Kastrou Bay, leaving a beach way down below on either side. The mid-ages style houses, the neo-classical and island-type ones, in addition to the narrow alleys, the museums and the beaches, are the main attractions for every visitor.

Beautiful bay with sandy beach. (North of Andros Town).

Agios Petros
There is a tower (20m height) from the Hellenistic period.

It is a cosmopolitan center surrounded by many villages. Is built around a sweeping sandy bay, with a little fishing harbour and a maze of narrow streets.

There is the oldest monastery of the island.

Gavrio is the island's port situated in a naturally protected bay. It is the starting point for excursions towards the northern part of the island, for startling beaches like Fellos and Zorkos and picturesque villages like Vitali, Amolochos, Makrotantalo, etc. There is a beach and plenty of hotels, bars and tavernas.

Korthi Bay
Korthi is an attractive village, situated in the South East part of the island. It is a place for quiet holidays.

One of the best beaches on the island.

It is a "trees soaked" village. There tavernas situated next to springs and under huge plane-trees.

Useful Info

Population: 9,000
Distance from Rafina Port: 36 Nautical Miles
Police (Andros Town): 22820 22300
Health Center: 22820 23333
Police (Gavrio): 22820 71220
Port Authority (Gavrio): 22820 71213
Police (Batsi): 22820 41204
Taxi: 22820 22171

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