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The literal translation of Dodecanese is "Twelve Islands" although there are 16 inhabited ones and up to 27 in total.

Dodecanese have a distinct character and architecture due to successive rulers - Venetian, Ottoman and Italian while the formal incorporation of the Dodecanese into Greece came in 1948.

  • Dodecanese Islands
    Astypalaia - Hora on the hill Astypalaia
    White-washed sugar cube houses, narrow alleys and windmills, with a more Cycladic character. Connected to Piraeus port (Mainland Greece).
    Halki Island Greece Halki
    Small, quiet and unspoiled island with an attractive village port Connected to Piraeus ports (Mainland Greece) and Rhodes for international airport.
    Karpathos Island in Dodecanese Islands Greece Karpathos
    Spectacularly beautiful, with wild, rugged landscape, mountainous in the north and fertile in the south. Karpathos has 2 ports, Karpathos and Diafani. It is connected to Piraeus (Mainland Greece).
    Leros Greece Leros
    Lovely verdant island with a variety of natural settings. Connected to Piraeus port (Mainland Greece) and Kos and Rhodes for international airports.
    Lipsi Island Greece Lipsi
    Very small and quiet island, ideal tranquil holidays. Connected to Piraeus port (Mainland Greece) and Rhodes and Kos for international airports.
    Nissyros Island Greece Nissyros
    Small volcanic island with stunning views, yet untouched by tourism. Connected to Piraeus (Mainland Greece) and Rhodes and Kos for international airports.
    Rhodes Rodos Island Greece Rhodes
    Beautiful island, not just a destination for sun, sand and sea holidays. Connected to Piraeus (Mainland Greece). It has international airport. Other international airport is on Kos Island.
    Tilos Island Tilos
    A small, blissfully quiet and unspoiled Greek Island with friendly people and wonderful walking country. Connected to Piraeus (Mainland Greece) and Rhodes and Kos for international airports.
  • Map » Position of Dodecansese in Greece

    Map of Dodecanese Greece

  • Map » Dodecanese

    dodecanese islands map

  • Airports in Dodecanesse

    International airports
    Rhodes, Kos, Karpathos

    Domestic airports
    Astypalaia, Kalymnos, Kassos, Kastellorizo, Leros