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Spetses Greece

Saronic (or Argosaronic) Gulf is set between Attica Prefecture and Peloponnese and is the home for the Saronic Islands. Aegina, Angistri, Poros, Hydra, Spetses and Salamina (or Salamis) are the main islands of the Saronic Gulf, with Aegina to be once a major rival to Athens, Salamina to be famous for its sea battles, Poros to be the island of Poseidon, Hydra and Spetses to play an important role during the war of independence. Today the Saronic Islands are a virtual suburb of Athens during the summer and there are even commuters living in Aegina and working in Athens/Piraeus.

  • Argosaronic Islands
    Hydra Island Greece Hydra
    Very cosmopolitan and fashionable island, was discovered by a band of artists in the 1960s who had been attracted by its spectacular, steep-sided port.
    Argosaronic Islands

    Argosaronic Islands Greece

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    Map of Argosaronic Islands Islands Greece

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    Spetses is a relaxed pine scened island and Poros is a busy (especially in weekends) preety, fertile island less than 400 meters away from Galatas town in Peloponnese. Agistri is a small island of pine woods.

    Both Poros and Spetses can be reached by road and then cross from Galatas and Costa (in Peloponnese) respectively.