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Live music club

When you're in Athens you'll probably get the impression the city never sleeps, for when sunset gives way to evening, you'll soon discover that Athens begins to live by night! To a great extent this is true, as no other city in the world offers so many alternatives. Early in the evening, you may want to check out an ancient Greek drama being presented at the Herod Atticus-a theatre dating back from the time the play was written! Or maybe even see a world-famous orchestra playing Mozart at the Megaron, one of the finest modern concert halls in Europe. There's also a nightclub circuit and ethnic music scene here quite unique from anywhere else you'll find in the world.

Athens nightlife has a lot of excitement to offer and you'll soon notice that it's not only varied, but reasonably priced as well. For instance, you may want to begin your evening at one of the many excellent restaurants or typical Greek tavern as. Many of the best tavernas are found around the scenic Plaka area (old town) with it's cozy little walking streets under the Acropolis. The atmosphere in most of these establishments is usually unpretentious, friendly, and serving delicious traditional food. You may also enjoy the very best fish-restaurants/taverns or the ethnic-international restaurants in the Mediterranean.

After dinner, you'll probably want to venture out and try one of the hundreds of bars in Athens where most of the young people go. These bars and clubs are found all over the city and play all kinds of music from "live" rock'n'roll, disco, jazz, to Greek and international pop. And don't worry about arriving too late, because these places don't get jumping until late at night. Athens: the city that never sleeps For those single men out there on a little more adventurous path, you might want to try out one of the many adult bars located around Thission and Syngrou avenue. These are basically the "live" strip-clubs and each has something different to offer the discerning traveller.

Whatever you do, a trip to Greece wouldn't be complete without the classic night at the bouzoukia. This is a must experience and one you'll never forget! Here you'll see the very best of Greece in "live" entertainment. Most of these clubs are found around Plaka, up Syngrou avenue or out at the beach areas along Possidonos avenue.

Whether you make it or not the first night, during some point of your visit you should really try and make it to one of these because it's here you'll treat yourself to real authentic Greek music as well as have the opportunity to sing and dance along with the patrons! It's all part of the fun...and one of the reasons you come to Greece in the first place.

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